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The New Era of Prosperity

Bungin Techno Village

Regen has installed 1,5 kWp small scale wind power, 1,8 kWp offshore and onshore solar power, 80L/day solar water desalination, and multifunction powerhouse. Until now, this micro grid system give the high advantages to 120 families in Bungin, Bekasi, West Java. The financial solution for this project is from Governments, University, and Corporate CSR.

Bungin Techno Village will enhance the small medium enterprise through mangrove plantation and fishery product adding value. The abrasion in Bungin is in seriously problem that we must handle. Actually now, REGEN is co-joining with IMARF and INFISHTA for solve this problems.

Muntok Techno Village

REGEN want to install 10 kWp solar power system in Muntok, Bangka Belitung, for enhancing eco-tourism in Muntok Coastal. Muntok is tin producer with PT Time (Persero) has a big mining in there. In addition, Muntok Techno Village will be developed in Coastal Area, like in Siangau Beach.

REGEN will duplicate whole aspect of Bungin Techno Village for implementing in Muntok. Now, it will be considered by the Bangka Barat Regency.


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